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How To Do A Complete Portrait Retouch in Lightroom 5

I came across a very good video on doing a complete portrait retouch using Lightroom 5. I like the video as it shows the complete workflow just using Lightroom 5. This just shows how mature Lightroom has become that you … Continue reading

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BigShot : The Do-It-Yourself Digital Camera

I was recently very interested to hear about a DIY learning based construction kit camera aimed at children. The camera is called BigShot : The Camera for Education. The camera costs $89 and is delivered with all the construction parts ready … Continue reading

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The Fear of Street Photography

I was doing some research on street photography and I came about the website of street photographer Eric Kim. Eric is an acclaimed street photographer working out of Los Angeles who has traveled around the world taking photographs. On his … Continue reading

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Learning About Camera Control and Exposure

Whilst doing my usual daily round of googling, I came across a very useful sight by Canon that teaches you about basic camera control and exposure. The site is called ‘Canon Outside of Auto’. The site contains a load of … Continue reading

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