OS Marker at Manifold Valley Derbyshire

OS Marker at Manifold Valley Derbyshire (Canon A650 ISO80 f/4.0 1/250 sec)

My name is Stephen Haunts and I am an amateur photographer who likes to go out taking photos for fun. I don’t do this professionally, and I don’t  have any intention to make this my job.  For my day job I am a Lead Software Developer and people leader in the consumer finance industry. It’s not the most existing career ever, well not compared  to photography and camera technology, but I like it and it pays the bills.

I also like blogging. I find it very therapeutic to write about a subject I am interested in. I am not new to blogging. I currently run a software development blog called ‘Stephen Haunts : Coding in the Trenches‘ which is about software design, architecture and leadership. The blog has started becoming quite popular since I started it at the end of 2012. Hopefully I can replicate some of that readership here.

Alport near Derwent Valley in Derbyshire

Alport near Derwent Valley in Derbyshire (Canon A650 f/4.0 1/200sec ISO 80)

So, what is this blog about? It is about me rekindling my interest in photography. It is a place of learning for other like minded amateurs, and it is also a place to showcase some of my photos.  I lost interest in learning about photography about 6 years ago as I was never into the whole large SLR thing. I used to have a film SLR and it was quite big, so I never took it out. I never jumped to Digital SLR’s because at the time the prices were a little ridiculous and all I kept on hearing was that DSLR’s where no where near as good as film. This made me seriously question laying down the cash for an expensive camera system.

Curbar Edge Derbyshire

Curbar Edge Derbyshire (Canon A650 f/4.0 1.320 sec ISO 80)

Instead of going for a DSLR I purchased a compact camera. At the time is was a Canon Powershot A95. It certainly wasn’t an expensive camera but it offered quite a lot of good features including more manual modes like Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and full manual.  It was a nice camera for the price. I then upgraded to a Canon Powershot A650 which was similar but higher quality. The images on this ‘about’ page where all taken on the A650 (although they have been processed in Lightroom 5). My interest slowly dwindled in taking photos when me and my wife Amanda had our first baby daughter. I never went out as much to do dedicated photography and tended to just take snapshots of my family.

Derwent Valley in Derbyshire

Derwent Valley in Derbyshire (Canon A650 f4.0 1/125sec ISO80)

I have finally got my photographic spark back after buying my new camera. This time I have opted for one of these new funky mirrorless Interchangeable lens compacts camera. I now currently use (at the time of writing) a Panasonic Lumix GF5. I must say, I love it. It is small, flexible, and very powerful. The image quality is fantastic and it has helped give me the drive to get back into relearning about photography. So in essence this blog is about my learning the craft and hopefully helping other people learn too through my experiences. Because the camera is very small, even with a host of lenses attached I carry the camera around with me a lot more. I have even started going out walking during my lunch break at work and have the camera in a bag with me.

I hope you like this blog and want to participate. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments to the posts. Everything on here is my opinion. I am not going to pretend that I am write on everything, that’s the point of blogs, they are subjective, but if you have thoughts on what I say, then please to comment.

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