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Photo- Shoot : Ring Light and Macro Flowers

Macro photography is something I really like. After taking some macro shots of decaying flowers the other week, I wanted to explore macro photography further. I decided to invest in some equipment. I bought a new tripod (Hanel Triad 30 … Continue reading

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DIY Photography Blog

I came across a really good blog the other day called DIY Photography. It contains lots of DIY based articles about creative photography. There is a wealth of good information here and some inspiration for some very creative projects.

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Photo- Shoot : Macro Photos of Decaying Flowers

Whilst tidying the house at the weekend, I went to throw out some old flowers from our lounge. I had forgotten about them and they had started to decay. Before I threw them out I thought I would try a … Continue reading

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Extension Tubes for Macro Photography

Now that the weather is starting to turn bad, I want to start turning my hand to some macro¬†photography and product photography as this give me an excuse to shoot in the house. I don’t currently own a macro lens, … Continue reading

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Pananonic Lumix 45 – 150mm Telephoto Lens

I recently bought a new Micro Four Thirds Lens to add to my kit. I got the 45-150mm Telephoto Lens. In 35mm full frame terms this gives you an effective focal length of 90 – 300mm which gives you a … Continue reading

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