Zoom Lenses or Prime Lenses

Zoom Lenses or Prime Lenses

Zoom Lenses or Prime Lenses

There always seems to be a split opinion about what is best, having a set of zoom lenses that can easily cover all the focal lengths that you need, or having a set of dedicated fixed focal length prime lenses. There are trade off to both decisions. Digital Rev TV have produced 2 videos to help you decide which direction is best for you.

It is a decision I have been playing around with recently as I have been eyeing up a set of 19mm and 30mm Sigma Primes. I guess when it comes down to street photography the answer boils down to whether with a prime you are prepared to get closer to a subject to take the photo, where as with a zoom you can stay back a little and not draw too much attention to your self. I can certainly relate to it being a confidence thing, as getting up close to a stranger to take their photo can be pretty scary!! But saying that primes tend to be higher quality and faster with wider apertures so you have the added benefit of lower ISO handheld shots in lower light. Decisions decisions….

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